Discover the Healing Power of Aromatherapy Massage and Essential Oils in the comfort of your own home with this comprehensive Course!

Here's what you get in this - "The Ultimate Training Course"

The Healing
Power of Touch

Find out How to Use the Basic Massage strokes which have brought the Healing Power of Touch to mankind for thousands of years.
Massage away tension and stress and bring relief from many common and annoying ailments


Essential Oils - Nature's Medicine Chest

Discover the amazing properties of Essential Oils!
Blend your own powerful recipes for health.
Use these Natural Oils to assist the body's own natural healing processes.
Make up creams and lotions to help many common ailments and aid health & wellbeing.

A Wealth of Knowledge at your Fingertips

Gain the Cumulative knowledge and experience of our professional tutors who have put together the course notes using their own experience and knowledge gain from many courses, seminars and texbooks. Refer to five well known author's books

Learn at your Leisure

Follow the simple Massage Sequence in the comfort of your own home using the course video.
Your family and friends will just love the treatments as you practice your Massage Technique.
Practice makes the practitioner!

The course materials that you see above consist of:

The comprehensive 125-page Aromatherapy Manual is the foundation of the entire course. Everything I've just shown you is covered in detail. You'll discover the power of esential oils, their basic chemistry, how they are obtained, how to store them, their unique properties and most importantly, how to use them to provide the body with the optimum conditions for good, vibrant health.

In addition, the 115-page Massage Manual describes in detail the benefits of massage, the basic strokes, the necessary preparation for giving a massage treatment and the full Aromatherapy Massage Sequence explained in full.
This manual also contains full explanatory oil profiles, detailing 30 essential oils.

Accompanying the massage manual is the excellent BSY Video, which will take you through the complete massage sequence and will be the basis of your massage practice. This most important element of the course will really determine the level of your expertise and this is of course, dependent on the amount of practice you undertake to do. Remembering that you work at your own comfortable pace.

There is also an Anatomy and Physiology manual, which is designed to give you a good overview of how the human body works and in turn will help you understand the effects of Aromatherapy on the mind and body.

There are five excellent text books covering Aromatherapy, Massage, Essential Oils, Blending and Anatomy& Physiology.

That in itself is quite a lot and indeed constitutes our full Professional Aromatherapy Course. - But I've added the following bonuses to help you get started in this wonderful business:

Bonus No.1: Walnut Carrying Box Cotaining 12 essential oils

This great addition allows you to start your Aromatherapy practice in a very professional way, using top quality oils from day one. You'll just love this.

Bonus No.2: "Down To Business" - CD-rom

This business building manual will guide you step-by-step through your first year in business - from setting up - to - promoting and building a clientele of profitable and loyal customers. The principles in this manual are effective for any business.

Bonus No.3: "The Power of Touch" - Baby Massage

This is a natural addition to the Aromatherapy course and is a real boon to all mothers and mothers-to-be and also to professional Aromatherapists who wish to teach the Power of Touch to their clients. It is closely associated with aromatherapy and makes use of certain essential oils, which have proved very effective in combatting and often preventing many of the common problems associated with pregnancy, child-birth and baby and infant rearing problems.

All the above Bonuses are designed to help you make a real success of your Complementary Health Business and reap the rich financial rewards that this business has to offer.

It's easy to get started

It's very easy to get started - You simply decide that you want to invest some time and money into developing the skills that will shape your future - then using our secure order form - JUST PLACE YOUR ORDER TODAY!

When I say you 'Invest' in your future, - I mean exactly that - because if you follow the course and practice the skills and techniques involved you will surely reap rich rewards that will repay the cost of this course many times over.

Obviously I can't put a figure on what you are likely to earn as a practicing Aromatherapist, as it really depends on how much you want to do this business and on how much time and effort you are prepared to devote to it.

But let me just tell you that for those already making wonderful careers in Complementary Therapies, the rewards are not just financial but there is tremendous joy and satisfaction to be gained from helping others achieve better health, peace of mind and relief from all those common and annoying ailments.

Once involved in this wonderful business you will realise that you are offering a Priceless Commodity - that of "GOOD HEALTH" - so the world's your oyster!

Just remember that you're investing in the full Professional Aromatherapy Course, which cost $2485 and meant a commitment of time in class over 12 months.

In this New Home Study format you can have the full course for a fraction of that cost - The Full Professional Aromatherapy Home Study Course - including all Four Bonuses costs only $770 USD (£450 approx) this includes the cost of post, packing & delivery anywhere in the world.

As I said, I can't estimate what this course will do for your future health or wealth - only you can do that. - But I can tell you that at only $770, this could very possibly be the best bargain and the best investment you'll ever make.

SAVE $100 - Order before the end of May - at - ONLY - $670

So, to get into this enjoyable and profitable business today - the easiest way to reserve your course and to place your order is to use the - Secure Order Form - right now.

If you would prefer to speak to me personally, you can also order by telephone.
Just call - + 44 - 0141 954 7317. If there is noone in the office, please leave a message that you wish to speak to us regarding the Aromatherapy Course, - and your telephone number, and someone will get back to you promptly.

You may also Fax your name and delivery address, together with your credit card details - Fax To: + 44 - 0141 950 2990.

There's No Better Deal Than This!

Now, just in case you have any lingering doubts, I want to make the deal really foolproof for you. I want to take all the risk and completely guarantee that the course will provide you with the highest level of information and training your likely to see and that you'll have the skills to improve your health and your income.

So here's what I'd like you to do. - Order your course Today. - Study and use the techniques and skills for One Full Year with no risk whatsoever. If you complete the course and apply what you've learned and you're in any way unhappy or dissatisfied for any reason, just return the course in reasonable condition and tell me why you're unhappy (because I'm really interested in your results) - and I'll promptly refund the cost of the course to you in full. - And you can keep all of the bonuses.

OUR 100% Guarantee means that YOU have nothing to lose - That's a promise!
Allows you to work at this Life Enhancing Course over the next 365 days and if you're not completely satisfied - Just Tell Us Why - (we're interested in your results) - and return the course in reasonable condition and you will receive a
Full Refund, with no questions asked. Plus you can keep all of the Bonuses.
Signed -

Your Success is Backed by My No-Nonsense Guarantee

So change your life today! - You know that you've nothing at all to lose.
You can restore the joy of vibrant health to your loved ones, family and friends and you'll also have the skill and knowledge to earn a nice income by -
Enhancing The Lives Of Others!

Don't wait. Take a moment and place your order today and get started on the way to healthier, happier and more satisfying life!
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P.S. Remember, I completely guarantee your satisfaction and you will have gained the gift of being able to provide that "PRICELESS COMMODITY" - HEALTH.

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