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Best Exercise for Weight Loss

Most of us have a misconception that aerobic exercise helps in toning and firming of muscles. The actual fact is aerobics does not really help in toning and firming and it is Resistance or weight exercise that actually helps in toning and firming of muscles
A perfect combination of aerobics and weight training would be ideal for losing more fat and gaining more muscles. According to experts,
weight loss increases by almost 56 percent when strength exercise and aerobics are combined.

It is true that muscle weighs more, but do you know that if you increase your muscle composition you may actually burn fatter, even when you rest you
burn fat because of a higher rate of metabolism. Recent studies have also proved that muscles help you fight diseases better.

If you thought that at your age strength training would not be of much benefit, then you were wrong. Muscle training benefits everybody from a boy who is 18 years old to a woman who may be 50 years old; muscle training benefits everybody irrespective of age or sex. Simple Strength training, such as lifting of weights or following a few weight-resistance exercises, twice a week can help you maintain or even your increase muscle mass.

If you prefer using moderate weight, then you should be ready to accept that there would not be any build of huge muscles; instead it would help in building up of bone mass while increasing the rate of metabolism giving you a leaner look
If you do both aerobics and strength exercise both simultaneously then it would be highly beneficial as aerobics would make your heart, lungs stronger which would help in better utilization of oxygen whereas strength exercise would help you in losing body fat, maintaining body mass and developing muscles.

Aerobics are mainly of two types, high impact and low impact. It is more beneficial if you alternate between both types. The high impact aerobics is generally harder on the body and causes higher damage whereas the low impact aerobics like walking should also be done, to get the best results. The alternate training of high and low impact is known as cross-training. It is beneficial too as it lessens the chance of injury due to over usage of certain muscles.

Try and perform aerobics for about 20 minutes each day and for 3 to 4 days each week. If you are looking to lose substantial weight then try and exercise for more duration.

Never try to speed things up, it is better if you exercise at a moderate rate and make sure that you enjoy while you exercise. If you are recovering from an injury of illness, do not stress yourself instead start with light exercise. Try and follow a strict regime and you are sure to lose substantial amount of weight.


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