Baby Massage - Give Your Child the Best Possible Start in Life

Discover the Simple Baby Massage Secrets that will have a Profound Effect on Your Child's Future!

"The Magic of Touch Revealed!"
A Step-by-Step Guide to Baby Massage

You've Discovered a simple and enjoyable program that will have a dramatic effect on the health, well-being and future of your child!

Do you want the best for your child?


At Last! A simple routine that will bring profound benefits to YOU and YOUR Child

Have you been looking for a way to ensure that your child will enjoy good health, confidence and a relaxed and loving personality?

Are you tired of those sleepless nights and the constant worry and concern about your child's health and future well-being?

Are you ready, RIGHT NOW, to begin a simple and enjoyable routine that will greatly improve your child's health and enhance his/her growth and general well-being?

Baby Massage - Caring for your baby

Dear Friend,

Let me introduce you to a simple, but tremendously effective program that will literally improve the health and wellbeing of your child quite dramatically.

Our Baby Massage eBook offers a Special way of caring for your baby right from the moment of birth.

You will discover how gentle massage movements and the use of certain essential oils can help build a loving bond between you and your baby, and soothe and comfort the most fractious child.

Research has shown that, given the same diet, - a child who is massaged daily will grow twice as fast as a child deprived of touch.

Massage is one of the oldest and most natural of healing skills.

How To Give Your Child
The Very Best Start In Life

The Magic of Touch and essential oils can be used to :

  • build a loving and secure bond with your child
  • promote relaxation and confidence
  • increase the health & vitality of your child
  • Promote and increase healthy growth in all children
  • help promote restful, sound sleep
  • soothe and comfort the child during those awkward times, such as teething
  • help your child's circulation and breathing
  • improve coordination and posture and maintain flexibility
  • alleviate or indeed prevent indigestion, wind, colic, constipation, diarrhoea, congestion, vomiting, poor appetite, listlessness, coughing and general irritability
  • Give your child the best possible start in life

A truly Magical Skill indeed!

Don't take my word for it - See what others think

I have been interested in essential oils and their uses for years and it wasn't until I came across Health & Vitality that it all came alive. Thanks to your suggestions while I was pregnant, my life was made a whole lot easier, using Lavender, Ginger and Mandarin. As a result, I have NO....I repeat....NO stretch marks (this is unbelievable to me as my belly was HUGE) and my morning sickness was nipped in the bud each time I used Ginger and Lavender. I know it worked because one weekend we went away, leaving the oils behind, and I became quite nauseous and anxious to get back to them. They have also helped when I had a cold because I couldn't use conventional medicine being pregnant and mostly they have added a pleasant aroma to my nightimes, helping me to sleep.

The baby massage techniques that you taught me have been used on my daughter ever since she was born and now at 18 months, she absolutely adores it. I say, 'do you want a massage' and she immediately goes and lays down on her change mat, ready for me.

As a newborn, I gave her very short massages, mostly on her legs, belly, back and bottom. But as she grew, her patience and expectations also grew and she learned to love this time with mummy. Now she even lets her dad give her a massage and it really does calm her down. The touch factor has proven to be very very important and I believe this has also helped with her confidence as she is not fearful of other people touching her now either (ie: the doctor/nurse). Thank you for everything you have taught me, many people in my life are now benefitting, thanks to you, Helen.
Kendrea Rhodes, Lobethal. South Australia

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and most effective routine TODAY!

Baby Massage - Caring for your baby



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At Health & Vitality we have been providing professional tuition and training in Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Massage, Reiki, N.L.P. and many other aspects of Complementary Medicine and Personal Development, for many years.

Our courses are a culmination of the knowledge and experience of our eleven professional tutors and are guaranteed to make a real difference to your life.

We would recommend Baby and Infant Massage as a means of improving the growth and ensuring the future health, well-being and confidence of your child.

From our experience of Aromatherapy and Massage we deem it an essential skill for all caring and loving parents. - - Do You Care Enough About Your Child's Future?

Why not Give your child the benefits of massage and
a wonderful start in life, to ensure their Future - TODAY?

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A Scottish Maternity Unit is using Aromatherapy trearment
to combat the pain of child birth.

Midwives at Glasgow's Southern General Hospital Maternity Unit have found that Aromatherapy is more effective than conventional painkillers when used to ease the agony of childbirth.

A recent audit undertaken in the maternity unit looked at the issue of post-natal perineal pain, to determine the effectiveness of different treatments, which range from simple analgesia, aromatherapy oils and ultrasound to hot and cold packs. More than 280 women were surveyed and of them, 110 were treated by aromatherapists. Out of those 85 said that aromatherapy was the best treatment.

Aromatherapy is also shown to be more than 80% effective when used in a gel to treat painful haemorrhoids, a common complaint among women in the latter stages of pregnancy.

Great care must be taken when using essential oils in pregnancy. Several ante-natal and post-natal suggestions are given in this enlightening eBook.


Enjoy your pregnancy and give your baby the very best start in life!
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