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Discover the Healing Power of Reflexology - To Relieve that Pain and Make All the Difference!


"Discover the Effective, Natural Healing Power
of Reflexology to Relieve Your Pain and Ill-health!"

Don't Let Horrible Pain and Ill-health Drag You Down - There are Many Natural and
Very Effective Ways to Help Relieve Pain and Common Ailments - Try Reflexology!

Dear Friend,

I hear you ask, - What's this Reflexology and how can it help improve my health and wellbeing?

There are so many drugs being issued for every conceivable ailment that it seems that our health professionals are determined to poison us with toxins and punish our bodies with dreadful side effects in their efforts to alleviate our symptoms of ill-health. So much so that more and more people are seeking alternative forms of treatment in an effort to find an answer to common health problems.

The Good News is that Help is at hand... - Reflexology may well be one answer...

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a system of healing that relies on the simple practice of working and manipulating the "reflexes" in the feet and also the hands, using special thumb and finger techniques to apply varying degrees of pressure to these reflex points.

These reflex areas on the feet and hands correspond to all the organs, systems and glands of the body and when working on these particular areas powerful responses are caused in the corresponding parts of the body.

These reponses have been shown to effective restore balance in the body's natural functions. - This is known as Homeostasis - or simply balance.

Reflexology is not a new form of treatment or therapy, but is the modern name for a form of treatment that originates in ancient times. It is known to have been practiced in India and China and by the American Indians several thousand years ago. In fact the earliest recorded documentation of it's use is to be found in Egypt around 2,500 B.C.

It is suitable treatment for a wide range of health problems of all age groups and is compatible with and complementary to all other forms of medicine.

Reflexology does not treat individual conditions - it's a holistic treatment of people, treating mind body and spirit and reflexology is not a substitute for orthodox medical treatment.

However it has proved very beneficial for a wide range of chronic and acute conditions - especially for all stress-related problems.

Many practitioners have reported that clients with problems such as sinusitis, asthma, migraine, depression, ME, muscular and skeletal disorders, menstrual problems, hypertension, bowel disorders etc. have benefited from treatment.

I hope this gives you some insight into Reflexology and we'll try to bring you more articles and information that may help you find that Reflexology is an agreeable solution to your particular health problems.

We'll try to cover as many of these Pain Relief Methods as possible on this Website over the next several weeks and months, so Bookmark this Site and visit often.

We'll also try to explain how many types of pain and common ailments can easily be relieved by the use of - Aromatherapy, Massage, Exercise, Self Hypnosis, Yoga, Meditation, Reflexology and general good Nutrition.

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