OK - What Have I To Gain From This Course?

Apart from having a new skill and expertise at your fingertips - that will greatly improve your own health and vitality, - you'll be able to start your own satisfying and lucrative health business!

Just Take a Look at what you'll Gain:

  • You'll Discover tried and tested techniques and recipes that have benefited mankind for 4000 years - You can benefit from them TODAY!

  • You will find out about the chemistry of essential oils
    and how and why they work

  • You will use all the basic techniques and skills of massage, following the BSY Aroma/Massage video.

  • Improve Your Own Health and use your skills to Enhance the Lives of Others

  • Discover the most effective blends of oils to use for a host of common and annoying ailments

  • Gain an overview of Anatomy & Physiology and discover what makes us 'tick'

  • Acquaint yourself of the tremendous benefits of Aromatherapy and Massage

  • Be aware of the precautions and contra-indications of aromatherapy, essential oils & massage

  • Discover the most helpful treatment for a whole host of common ailments

  • Discover how to easily enhance your health and wellbeing and that of your family and friends.

  • Use the Power of essential oils to relax and release all tensions from your body and blend recipes to relieve many common problems

  • Creatre your own effective lotions, potions and sprays to bring an improved feeling of Health & Vitality

  • Find out how to use the oils in burners and varpourisers to create an atmosphere of Peace & Tranquility in your home and office.

  • Discover which oils are best for calming and balancing or which ones will sharpen your mind for that important interview or exam.

  • Wake up with oils guaranteed to start your day with a real Zing

  • You will feel more relaxed and confident, and sleep much better

  • Uncover new and exciting ways to relieve many of those annoying aches and pains

  • Discover which oils to use to improve the appearance of your hair and skin and help relieve many common skin problems

  • Unleash the powerful healing art of sensual massage

  • Discover which oils have aphrodisiac properties and use them to improve your sex life

  • Create the right conditions for the body's own Natural Healing Power to Explode into action

  • Shake off those annoying niggles, aches, pains and health problems that ruin your life

  • Enjoy a more sensual and vibrant life of Health and Vitality

  • See the special section on Pregnancy and aromatherapy and ME.

  • Create the right conditions for the body's own Natural Healing Power to Explode into action

  • Get the full Professional Aromatherapy Diploma Course Notes, Manuals, Text Books, Video and Oils

  • Best of all - Study the course at you own pace and in the privacy and vcomfort of your own home

There's a Special Bonus Section called - "DOWN TO BUSINESS" - to guide you through setting up your new business, right through the first twelve months.

The Business Building Manual will reveal many of the strategies that most businesses overlook and if only a few of the techniques are put into action You Will Increase Your Business Dramatically -

In the manual you will also: -

  • Discover 8 Powerful ways to increase the number of customers or clients

  • Find Out exactly what is meant by - 'Being In Business'

  • Discover How to properly Price and Promote Your Products and Services

  • Look at the Advantages and Disadvantages of the particular ways we traditionally carry out our business

  • Be able to prepare a Business Plan and Cash Flow Forecast that will enable you to negotiate business terms with any bank

  • Discover what your potential customers and clients are really looking for

  • Discover what really makes your Business Special and why customers will want to deal with you

  • Follow a simple 12-Month business program, - starting from nothing and building to a very nice income, on a 2-day a week part-time basis

  • Discover the Most Important Questions that any Business Owner MUST ask, in order find the answers that will change your life!

Join The Ranks of The Health Professionals Today!
Complete your course at your own pace:
In your own time and in the privacy
and comfort of your own home

Each month you will have the opportunity to complete a written paper and have the backup and guideance of one of our tutors.

You will learn the skills and importance of obtaining as much relevant information from your clients in the form of a consultation and be able to keep accurate records of all your treatments and transactions.

You will be given a good overview of Anatomy & Physiology and learn the workings of the body systems relevant to the practice of Aromatherapy.

There is also a section on "Building a Successful Complementary Therapy Business"

You will get the benefit of the cummulative knowledge and experience of our Professional Tutors, who have selected all the relevant notes and materials that constitute our full Professional Aromatherapy Diploma Course. All the notes, hints and tips will allow you not only to improve your own health and enhance the lives of your family, friends and others, but you will be able to practice your new skills in a professional way.

You will receive the full course notes, text books and video program; a selection of top quality Essential Oils in a convenient display box and instruction in how to set up a home business, - All for a fraction of the cost of our Accredited Hands-on Professional Aromatherapy Course.

With all that in mind, take a look at the components of the course:


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