The Benefits of Massage


I'm sure you're well aware of the healing and soothing benefits of massage. It is one of the easiest ways of maintaining good health and something that we all do naturally, - like instinctively rubbing an aching knee or gently stroking a troubled brow. Many aches, pains, headaches, insomnia, general tension and stress can all be alleviated with one simple instrument - OUR HANDS.

You may already know that the basis of massage is 'touch' and there is increasing medical evidence to show the tremendous value of touch.....

In a research project at Harvard Medical School, a number of patients, who were all about to undergo similar operations, were divided into two groups.

The night before the operations the anaesthetist visited all the patients explaining all the procedures for the following day, but with one group she spent at least 5 minutes longer, sat on their beds and held their hands and was generally more sympathetic and warm.

After the operation, the patients who had received that brief moment of 'touch', required only half the amount of drugs that the other group received and they were also discharged from hospital earlier than the others. -

Powerful Stuff this Massage and Touch!

Most massage treatments combine physical, physiological and psychological factors to produce their beneficial effects on the human body.

In Aromatherapy Massage the use of Essential Oils adds temendous power to the overall health benefits of this natural treatment.

In Aromatherapy the Essential Oils blends are used as a massage oil, and gently massaged onto the skin and the skin's thermal receptors are activated.

This helps to give that warm feeling of relaxation and peace. It also helps that your muscles are being worked, which additionally helps to restore a calm in your body.

The following are just some of the tremendous benefits of Aromatherapy Massage .....

    1. Massage promotes the flow of venous blood, thereby increasing and improving the circulation.

    2. Massage increases the lymphatic flow and hastens the removal and absorption of waste products.

    3. Massage relaxes muscles and thus often reduces tension and pain.

    4. Massage, in relaxing both body and mind, stimulates the autonomic nervous system and helps to achieve optimum health by enhancing body functions. Digestion improves; blood pressure reduces; painkilling chemicals are released and hormone action is balanced.

    5. Massage has a beneficial effect on the internal organs of the body and has an effect on the metabolism.

    6. Massage has a stimulating effect on the skin, improving its elasticity and improving the capillary circulation to the skin, so increasing the nutrition to the skin's tissues. It has a great influence on the autonomic nervous system through its soothing effect on the nerve endings in the skin and thus calming and relaxing the whole body.

    7. Massage also produces great psychological benefits of feeling cared for and cosseted. This leads to a wonderful feeling of well-being that cannot be achieved by modern drugs.

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