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Would You like to Discover how to enhance your Health and Vitality in a most powerful way?

Are you searching for a more satisfying job and freedom to enjoy a more pleasant lifestyle?

How would you like to offer life-enhancing advice and treatment to others and get paid well for your skills and services?

If you answered 'Yes' to any of these questions, I've got good news for you........

Dear Friend,

For the first time ever, we are able to provide a powerful and comprehensive training program, revealing professional techniques and secrets that will surely Change Your life.

This new program presents full training in Professional Skills and techniques in a clear and concise Home Study format.

No longer will you have to travel long distances to attend, what is very often, long, weary and torturous hours in bleak classrooms.

Now you can join the ranks of the professionals from the Privacy and Comfort of your own home. - It's the only way to train!

"I think it would be difficult to find a better constructed Clinical Aromatherapy Course than this. The course content was well thought out and presented, and text books and hand-outs etc. supplemented the lecture notes.
Above all, everything was provided, leaving the student to focus on the task in hand - becoming a competent clinical Aromatherapist.
In short, this course is the "Rolls Royce" of Aromatherapy Courses."

PS. Please feel free to use this as a formal testimonial.

Chryselle Wilson, Uplawmoor. Renfrewshire.

Acquire the Powerful Healing Skills of Aromatherapy in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Let your family and friends enjoy the benefits of your new skills as you practice, - following the course notes and guidelines and the comprehensive video program.

Find out how to blend oils to help relieve common ailments and use them in lotions, creams, compresses and inhalations.

At Last! Discover How to Enhance Your Life
and the Lives of Others
* Increase Your Skills and Your Income and *
All From The Comfort of Your Own Home


Just imagine the sheer joy of "feeling great", - the overwhelming relief when the long-term, gnawing pain of many months or even years has suddenly vanished!

Can you see that look of absolute calmness and 'peace of mind' light up the face of someone who has been at breaking point under the tension and stresses and strains of modern living?

Imagine how you will feel when you literally 'Change Someone's Life'.

Can you imaging how they will feel? -

You can't imagine how rewarding and satisfying your new skill will be!

Good Health is a PRICELESS Commodity and that's what you provide!

You'll be in great demand, - Your Reputation will soar, - your business will flourish and your income will be assured by the long queue of eager clients waiting to pay you $50 - $100 for a single treatment.

This course will certainly change your life and afford you the satisfaction, privilege and unparalleled pleasure of Enhancing the Lives of others. - - Click Here to Book Your Course NOW!

Valerie Brown - Winterton - South Africa
"To me this Home Study course was the best thing that ever happened. The most important factor is to have self discipline and with that automatically comes the absolute delight in learning the art of Aromatherapy and really enjoying every moment in the comfort of ones own home.

The support I was given was wonderful and any given question was answered immediately. There came a time while studying when I really felt like family...although we are so many miles apart....me in South Africa and Helen of Health & Vitality in Glasgow...but the distance really did not affect my study course.

In the home study course I felt that I needed the basics before actually massaging and I also found one needed to really get down to understanding the blending of the oils. To me this was really important and experianced great comfort in the support I was given regarding the application of the oils.

In conclusion I found it was a great pleasure studying the Aromatherapy Course through Health & Vitality whom I recommend with confidence knowing that I can at any time contact them regarding any further information I might require".

Regards, - VALERIE

Is our health service really serving our health?

You know, no matter how hard they try, our beleaguered doctors are never going to win the battle against ill-health. One of the reasons is that they are constantly dealing in 'ill-health' and never really consider the subject of 'Good Health'.

In fact, I would say a more realistic name for our health service is - the
"ill-health service".

Traditional western medicine tends to treat the symptoms of ill-health with harsh drugs or invasive and traumatic surgery and seldom look for or even consider the cause.

Can this be the way towards better health? - I doubt it.

Often the drugs have such severe and long term side effects that the resulting condition is often as bad, if not worse than the original illness.

There has to be a better way!

Natural Holistic Therapies
The Way to Better Health

The future of our nation's health is not in some new-fangled electronics and wonder drugs (although they do have there place) - but in the ancient secrets of natural holistic treatments.

Tried and tested treatments that have benefited mankind for over 4000 years - and really they are no secret to those who look beyond our traditional medicine to the more natural world of Holistic Therapies.

Holistic therapies, as the name suggests, treats the the whole person and not just the outward symptoms. it caters for the health and well-being of Mind, Body and Spirit.

By far the most popular of the Holistic Complementary therapies is Aromatherapy, which is the art of using essential oils to restore and maintain balance in the body, which in turn produces vibrant health.

Great News for All Those Seeking Better Health

Do you hate those 'off days' when you struggle, - just to get out of bed?
Well, we all do and most people just suffer all these bad days, putting them down to the natural ups and downs of human life.

But I have to tell you, they are anything but natural and can be got rid of quite easily, using some of those ancient techniques and recipes.

Imagine, no more coughs and colds or aches and pains. - Just think how great it would be to banish stress and tension and get rid of many of those common and annoying ailments, - without the use of harsh drugs.

Today, there's a huge swing towards more natural and holistic forms of healing and this ever-growing demand for natural treatments has created an even greater demand for qualified therapists in all fields.

Your Life-Enhancing Opportunity

Many of our students are enjoying the health benefits of their new found skills and discovered new and exciting careers as therapists.

They are relishing the great joy and satisfaction of being able to bring that 'Priceless Commodity' of vibrant, good health to others

Many are also reaping the huge financial benefits that are part and parcel of this exciting business.

A very comprehensive course in comfortable, welcoming surroundings.
A very enjoyable and worthwhile course of study.
I would enroll for another course.

Margaret Sharp, Paisley, Refrewshire

The Professional Aromatherapy Home Study Course is your key to openeing up a new lifestyle of improved health and well-being. Change your life and enhance the lives of others. You will be in great demand and will reap the rich rewards afforded to those with the health-giving skills and knowledge that this Aromatherapy Course provides.

Would you like to discover the skills and techniques, not only to enhance your life, but that of your family and friends and have the opportunity to pass on those skills in your own health business?

Would you like to be working at home or in your own therapy rooms, bringing good health to the masses and having the satisfaction of financial freedom and lots more free time to spend with loved ones?

Well! - By following this home study course and applying the skills and business techniques it contains - YOU MOST CERTAINLY CAN!

Everything you need to know is contained in this professional course and you can take it step-by-step in your own time and in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Take a look at what you get - CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS


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